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I used the new feature of the website to look up what kind of Merc you have in the membership list.  It shows you have a ’54 4dr.  I looked up oil pan removal in my “Motor Auto Repair Manual” and here are the steps to remove the pan while the engine is in the car.

1. Bring #6 piston up on top dead center (TDC) to allow clearance between oil pan and crankshaft.

2. Remove screws attaching engine splash shield to frame side members.

3. Raise car and drain crankcase.

4. Unfasten and remove engine splash shield from frame crossmember.

5. Disconnect stablizer and pull it forward to allow clearance for oil pan removal.

6. Remove inlet tube from oil pump and loosen nut securing inlet tube to oil pan.

7. Remove attaching screws and drop pan.

From this it does not appear you will need to lift the engine.  It allows seems important that the number 6 cylinder be at top dead center.

Hope this helps.