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Jerry Robbin

<div id=”post_message_1201″>I saw this on a T-Bird forum!  You can contact Bill  Stroppe & Son see below </div>

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I have spent the last two years or so researching the MEL Engine Family

(383-410-430-462) and have come across an early HOT ROD MAGAZINE article

referring to the availability of this option on a 1959 BIRD.


“For prospective Bird owners who might buy the 430 engine option and

desire a bit more for competition, a triple carburetion setup is also

available. This is being made by Bill Stroppe and is a modification of

the Marauder manifold offered as an option last year by Mercury. This

aluminum triple intake manifold uses three Ford two-barrel carburetors

with vacuum controlled progressive linkage on the two outside

carburetors. Normal operation is with the center carburetor only. Also

included in the kit offerred by Stroppe is a cast aluminum air cleaner

housing fitted with a paper filtering element. With the triple

carburetion, last year’s Marauder engine was rated at 400 horsepower,

the only other difference being 10.5:1 compression for the Marauder.”

And further on in the article:

“The automatic transmission that comes with the Lincoln engine is called

Cruise-O-Matic but it is actually a Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic.”

Has anyone seen or heard of this option or was it just an early

publicity release by FOMOCO that never materialized? It may have been

offered just to qualify it for NASCAR competition with the HOLMAN-MOODY

TBIRD’s in 1959.

The option was available on LINC-MERC for 1958.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.</div>

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