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Probably would have helped had you mentioned your car’s year and engine, since they used the Autolite 2100 for decades! Anyhoo, I have that on my ’69 Marquis with a 429. It will start ok within one week. But more than that, and I do a squirt of starter fluid in the carb. before starting (while the choke is still open, to save my starter). Just make sure your auto. choke is closing before you start cranking. On my car, after a day or two, you have to floor the gas pedal once good, to set the choke. Then it’ll start instantly. Plus you have to depress the gas pedal just a tad while cranking. The only time you almost don’t need to do any of this is if the car has only been off a little while. This is all according to my owners manual. It does work too.