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Nick Von Feldt

thanks Wayne. i think i found what i needed. i talked w a fellow i met on this site – he recommended the owner’s manual – which was in the glovebox!i really wasnt in a bind, im just starting to go through this old car – no real problems at this time. but thanks. i also found some pretty decent wiring diagrams online that seem pertinent. im not sure where im going with this whole thing, but i want to ensure the basics are covered. im thinking about converting to a dual master cylinder first and putting some disc brakes on. thought about a wheel mod at same time, i think theyre 14in factory, it’d seem logical to upsize, but not sure if thatd cause interference. not a big deal, i have the origal wire spoke wheel covers on now, and i like them, but hard to keep clean. but its been blast so far. the weather’s kinda dicey here in missouri this time of year so i have the car in storage, but wouldnt mind checking it in to the shop and start having some work done a little at a time. first order is to fix a loose weather strip on the ragtop (i found a shop, called them, they said could be a deteriorated tack strip and i think theyre right). anyway thank you so much for replying. yes the club seems awesome. the Pocono trip looked fabulous, that was before i had the car though. bout a 50/50 i drive this old car to Dayton, but i dont know if i can get away, and that’d be a heckuva drive in this old car. thanks sir. much appreciated.