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Paul & Xenia Ferris

Kirby, I just looked the the forums for the first time tonight. Hopefully you have found your answer by now but just in case I looked at my Mercury parts book and Standard cooling part number for 70 Cyclone with 351 is D0AZ-8005B the core dimensions show 1-1/2″ thick, 17 7/8 in” height and 21-11/16″ width. The extra cooling and A/C part number is D0OZ-8005-A with 2-1/4″ x 26″ x 17-7/8″ measurements. The Ford parts book shows identical part numbers for the 70 Torino for those applications. My guess would be that you would have the extra cooling for a GT. I own a 69 and I find myself verifying against Torino parts all the time because you are more likely to find it that way. I had my original radiator re-cored locally a couple weeks ago. I checked out Champion’s website and they list number 381 for both the Montego and Torinos. The core dimensions are slightly different than what Ford claims to have used. If you hadn’t found a solution yet, I hope this information is useful.

Paul Ferrs