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I “googled” 2003 grand marquis owners manual and came up with a list of sites. A site came up titled “Mercury Grand Marquis Owner’s Manual”. I opened that site and a list of Grand Marquis owner’s manuals came up by year. I opened the one for the 2003 Grand Marquis. There are 248 pages for the manual on the site. On page 165 and for a few pages after is the listing for, what Ford calls, the “power distribution box”. It looks a heck of a lot like a fuse panel to me. Fuse 15, according to the chart, is for the speed control module along with some other stuff. I couldn’t find any service intervals in the manual either. Assume a Ford/Lincoln dealer could help with the door code issue.

These are great cars unrecognized by the general public for how good they really are. Looks like you have bought a gem. Hope it treats you well.