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Sounds like you live near heaven 🙂
I’ve found some aftermarket ones for around the 100.00 mark and a ’66 used one for the same….the aftermarket ones make me nervous on the way they look in the pics. Was hoping a used one would be less but let me know what you find. There’s a few other parts we’re needing if you find a 65 with some good pieces still attached!!
Do you have some pics of your 65? Ours can be seen on our FaceBook page The RoadHouse
The Mrs picked it up for me as a birthday present and the running joke is I don’t know if she loves me or hates me. We ran out to CA to get a good frame (we’re in Iowa by the way…where are you?) and we just got the front clip/interior/engine&trans all taken off in preperation for the lifting of the body and the frame swap. This is all new territory for me! We’ve drag raced a 79 Fairmont for years and the fox-body and sbf stuff is second nature…the mid 60’s and fullsize stuff is all new.
Thanks for the info/help/advice!!
Gene Hinders