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    Hi all, I have a ’54 Merc Monterey. The original 256 is history and has been replaced with a (I believe) 312. It’s being fed by an electric fuel pump and the mechanical pump has been bypassed. I would prefer to stay with the mechanical pump but I spent the afternoon reversing things (bypassed the electric pump and hooked up the mechanical one) and the mechanical pump doesn’t seem to work. The tag on the mechanical pump reads “5042” and there is no clue as to manufacturer. I searched for rebuild kits or a rebuilt pump but can’t find any reference to a “5042” fuel pump. Do I have the correct pump? Where can I get a rebuilt pump or rebuild kit?

    In the meantime, back to the electric pump.

    Thanks, Ed



    Problem solved. When the engine swap (256 to 312) took place the ’54 fuel pump was switched to the 312. It didn’t work. The only way to get a ’54 fuel pump to work on a 292/312 is to use a ’54 timing cover which will also require a ’54 water pump. I found a rebuilt fuel pump for a 312 and it works fine. Does anyone need a ’54 256 fuel pump?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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