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    Hi Jerry,

    Was good talking to you yesterday.  Just perusing the new site.  Like the idea of the members’ directory on line.

    Easy access as well as saving trees. See you guys this weekeng (8/01) as well as september in IN.

    Joe and Barbara Pero from the great state of DE (small wonder)


    Jerry Robbin

    We have had some members complain that the old forum is missing, but in a few weeks we will have enough activity to make everyone happy!


    Look forward to seeing you next weekend,




    Hi Jerry, I have just gotten on the web site. Everything looks great but the blue lettering on dark background is really hard to read. Is it me or does anyone else think the same. I wish that I lived closer to take advantage of the shows in your area. It is a big hop from Calif.


    Jerry Robbin

    Hi Sal-


    More to come on new IMOA web site!


    Never received any comments on color of letting on site.





    Hi All,
     So what’s the “verdict” on the new website here?? I’ve not seen much activity in the past 1-3 Months since this began?? Are folks getting “used” to it more?? Or just not logging on even?? (Another “feature” that seems to be missing is I have to “Reply” to the “ENTIRE” post here…i can’t seem to “Quote” anyone who wrote something specific about the topic in case I wish to elaborate on what the person said/ give another view or perspective about it etc.) Sorry not to see more interaction here but I realize it will take time.




    John “JUST 1BULLITT” on the Old Forum


    I am not althgether thrilled with it.  I do not know the exact reasons for the change, which may have had some basis in technology or something like that, but if it was simply change for the sake of “updateing the site”, gee, can we undo this?

    I can see making it so that you have to be a member to post, but maybe there should be some way to have a guest post or two, as a recruiting tool.


    Jerry Robbin

    We tried having the forum open to the public to recruit new members and it did not work in the  past. By leaving the forum open to anyone it only brought the IMOA site/forum tons  of SPAM and sorry to say Porn



    WOW~! SORRY to hear that Jerry/Everyone — not good; can you help more of us understand the need/reasoning behind the “New Forum”?? (NOT to dig up old wounds per se, but obviously this new forum is simply not seeing much use by the club anymore…it was sporadic enough before I thought…but I let an entire Weekend plus the Veteran’s Day Holiday go by and only 1 “Response” to several posts I made last week — Posts pertaining to our club and this online forum, which is a “Cornerstone Tool” to our club’s vitality and enduring capability…) It seems to be lacking reasons for folks to “log on” and see what’s new or going on even…just my 2 cents and I truly WANT for our club and this forum to succeed!

    “Thanks for listening!” : >




    Jerry Robbin



    I have sent many email blasts to IMOA members(over 880) trying to motivate them to use the forum and to date I have not got them interested. Any suggestions?





    I check the forum almost every day, but I don’t post unless I have something to say, which isn’t very often.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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