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    Fred & Nina Hammer

    My 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone convertible was built on this day amid the run of 100 GT Pace Cars. I was told that that explains the GT wheel covers and the GT Cyclone medallion on the glove box cover on my car. Auto workers didn’t want to disrupt the GT pace car run by going to another part of the factory to get the Comet wheel covers or the “correct” glove box medallion, so they just used the ones for other cars going through the line at the time. is this possible? The car was in storage for 33 years and then again after restoration for three years. I also am looking for the smaller nylon gear in my windshield wiper motor. I would buy the whole motor if I could find the correct one.


    Anything is possible at an auto manufacturing plant so your explanation could be one possibility. Usually though the parts for a car are beside the assembly line in racks that are programmed to be in the right place at the right time. I have seen cars with Maverick grills and Comet badging, Cougars with Mustang emblems, etc. Another might be someone trying to clone a GT Pace Car. You don’t say if you are the original owner so anything is possible.
    As to your windshield wiper motor issue, contact Carlos Vera in Colorado. You can look up his info on this website by going to the “member directory”. He has a ton of Comets and even more parts.


    Fred & Nina Hammer

    Virgil & Sue,
    Thanks for your reply. I had emailed Carlos in Sept. of 2016, but did not hear back from him. I’ll send another email.
    In the meantime, I’m also checking out http://www.rushgears.com/ Have any of our members had experience with their work? Apparently, I can send in the stripped smaller gear from my wiper motor and they will either have the same or make the same.


    Suggest you might call Carlos. I’m not sure he ever looks at his email.

    I am not at all familiar with Rush Gears.

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