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    Well, I have done it again.  Taken something apart thinking I could remember how it goes back together.   I have replaced the leaking water pump on my 390 engine.  Now I am having trouple figuring out where the pulleys and brackets go.  Does anyone have a picture of the front of this engine?  I looked on the internet, but I could not find one that shows me where everything goes.  Thanks.



    Jerry Robbin



    You need 1959 Mercury Shop Manual.


    Try Faxon Auto Literature in CA





    Thanks Robby!  I will try that.

    Kevin Colley


    Wayne & Judy Miller

    Does it have AC or any other options that may effect the belt routing ?  I have a full repair manual handy and have actually done this job before at a show , with some help . If you want leave your number in an email to me and I can call you with some help .  mrmerc1965@aol.com



    Yes, it has A/C and power steering.  There is a plate and a metal tube/support that I can’t figure our where they go.   I think the plate somehow supports the alternator?  And the tube might attach to the A/C?  I will send you my phone number.  Thanks!




    Got the new water pump in today, and everything seems to be working fine.  I had a small drip coming out where the thermostat is housed, but I think it stopped. I used some of that goop on the gasket which I think might have screwed up the seal.   It only took me about 2 months of weekends to do this job!  Ordered the wrong pump from J.C. Whitney.  Installed it.  The old screws  did not fit the fan hub.  Called J.C.W. and they said I had the wrong pump.  Mama mia.  Took it off, and ordered another pump from a local shop.   J. C. W. won’t take the other pump back since I had it too long.  I guess I will put it on eBay.  Anyway, finally am running again, so I am happy.  Now to the  sticking brakes, leaking power steering hose,  and I just noticed the fuel gauge is incorrect.




    Glad to hear you got the Merc running again.  My experience with JC Whitney (many years ago) was similar to yours.  They have cheap parts that don’t fit and won’t stand behind their product.  What the heck difference does it make how long you had the pump if it doesn’t fit in the first place.  There are many times I have parts that I don’t try to use for months because I happen to not be working on the car at the time.

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