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<p class=”MsoNormal”>I’m not an expert, but have some experience with your

situation.  I have always stored my cars in an unheated garage and have

never drained the fluids before storage.  On my convertibles, I always

relieve the tension on the top by popping the locks.  If you store the top

down, and the rear window folds, place a rolled up bath towel in the fold to

prevent a crease from forming in the plastic.  I always change the oil and

filter before storage.  I always check the anti-freeze for adequate

protection before storage.  I never use fuel additives, as I start and/or

drive my cars whenever possible in winter.  The key to starting or driving

is to ensure you run the motor long enough to dissipate condensation in the

block.  I always disconnect the battery before storage, but don’t use a trickle

charger, I prefer to charge the battery as required just before starting. 

I use a good quality indoor car cover to protect the paint.  That’s my

winter routine!