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I have Firestone radials on my ’55 and they are absolutely wonderful.  I bought them because they have a 1.25″ wide whitewall.  I do not like the real wide whites or the narrow stripe and these fit the bill.  Coker has great tires but they tend to be pretty expensive, but if you want the correct tread design and whitewall width they can fill the bill.  I have had no trouble with the hubcaps on my ’55 coming off.

I did own a ’58 Edsel for a while (4 door Pacer, a real boat).  Originally we used bias ply tires on it simply because they cost less than radials.  That car would absolutely make you seasick with the bias tires and literally floated down the highway almost out of control.  A set of radials instantly made the car a very nice road car.

Just a question: What do you mean by “period correct” radials?