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I went to the 2009/2010 printed Membership Directory and found 37 owners of ’49 Mercs so it doesn’t seem that they are that rare of a car.  I think I knew that the ’49s have a unique water pump in that the flathead motor mounts are part of that assembly and it is a bit different for ’49.  The tail lights would have the same situation but a generator pulley just does not seem like a one off item.  I know you said you called every  advertiser in the directory but I have an old catalog from Concours Parts in Carson City, NV that lists bumper bolts specifically for a ’49.  It looks like the catalog is from 2008.

I would guess that parts suppliers have slimmed down on their inventories and manufacturing for those parts that don’t have a huge following.  A supplier has to be able to have the part at a reasonable price with enough demand to cover the set up expense.  I assume we all know that.  Good luck with you search.