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Thanks for the link to the ad for the car. For a bunch of easily seeable reasons that is NOT a ’55. The grill is from a ’56, the “MERCURY” lettering on a ’55 is on the hood, not the bumper as on the car pictured. The quarter panel molding is definitely a ’56 and it is a Medalist model which was not made in ’55. Also, as stated above, the serial number of 56SL is for sure a ’56.

I have seen this come up before on these older cars. When the car was an early production (for the model year) and it was registered for the first time, many motor vehicle departments (the local county in my case in Nebraska) registered the car for the year it was built but not the model year of production. Remember, back in the 50s the new cars were almost always introduced in September or early October. The confusion can arise from that. It could also be a simple typing error on the title or registration as well.