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Good Morning and thank you for the Warm Welcome.
“Sophia” is my first Mercury and I have to be very honest, after researching 1950’s online, I fell in love with a 1955 Montclair Convertible owned by Chuck and Ginger Freeman in CO. Their amazing car inspired me to have my own ’55 Montclair and to join this club and the luckiest part, was to find one right here in Orlando (not exactly the mecca of Classic Cars).

Purchased recently as a ground-up restoration, everything was running perfectly until yesterday driving her into work, the steering was very rough turning to the right. Bringing her into the garage and up on jack stands, we removed the steering shaft only to reveal the worm gear at the end of the rod completely damaged and chewed up….what to do!

Before I start hunting, can anyone kindly point me in the right direction…?
It is possible to find just the worm gear or a recondition shaft…?
Is the shaft the same on the 1956 or any other Mercury/Ford/Lincoln of the same year…?

I’m guessing the quick solution is calling around the country to various salvage yards.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.