Solution to cracked armrests found

By Chuck Clarke

Cracked, broken and ugly armrests in my Cougar!

I ordered new panels about a year ago and they are still not in stock. I looked for a Mustang panel, but no luck there.

I scoured bone yards across the country and they wanted payment in gold – if they had them!

I tried 1/8-inch plywood covered with vinyl. That worked, but it was hard on the elbow.

How about door skins? Yes, it was a messy situation and would eventually pull away from the doors. Who was the engineer or buyer that was counting pennies over quality? Quality is remembered, but cheap lasts forever.

While taking my C-5 Corvette out for a Sunday sprint, I noticed the padded arm rest panels that I installed for comfort.

They looked like they would fit on the Cougar door arm rest, and cover the cracked and ugly-looking surface.

Plus, they were in stock and come in several colors: Beige, Black, Brown and Red. For $120, I thought it was worth a try.

It was just the arm rest area that has to be repaired. The rest of the door was in acceptable condition. The pads come with two sides “sticky tape” and they covered the cracked area completely!

I purchased the Beige and while not a perfect match with the white door panel, it gives a nice contrast.

I suggest you contact your local Vette parts dealer and order a pair before the are out of stock!