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    Larry & Pam Mize

    Good news for 55 Mercury owners that have been looking for chromatex inserts for your seats.  SMS Auto interior is reproducing the chromatex.  They have made the green chromatex and after Christmas will be doing the red. Not sure about other colors but you could call them and see.  They sent me a sample of the green and the weave etc. is pretty much an exact match to the weave in my Dad’s 55.  As far as color match I am not sure since Dad’s car has the red but they said they had some original samples they were going by to match it up.  Can’t wait for a sample of the red when they get it done.  Have been looking for NOS cloth for a while to no avail. The data plate on Dad’s car calls for the chromatex and I really hated the idea of having to use something else.  My understanding is that the chromatex was standard in 55 Mercury Convertibles and an option in the Montclair.  Great to see some folks reproducing some things that are Mercury specific.


    Let me put in a good word for SMS Auto Interiors as well.  Could not locate any leather for my ’87 Cougar XR7 in a color called “smoke”.  SMS was able to come up with a sample color which matches my interior exactly.  The half hide is on its way and soon my interior will be perfect again.


    Arthur Koch

    SMS Auto Interiors are good.  Just ordered fabric and vinyl for my ’62 Mercury Monterey.  I was surprised that they could match it perfectly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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