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Thanks Wayne & Judy. I’ll try to be more descriptive.

I don’t think the 64 or 65 had “cornering” lights that came on with the turn signals. On the front fender, in front of  and above the tire of the 65 is a, sort of, design feature. On the 66, at the same location would be a piece of chrome trim, or as an option, was a light. This light is operated by a relay that is mounted on the light fixture inside the fender. I was out of college and had been married a couple of years when the 66s came out. I remember the cornering light coming on. When I checked the owner’s manual to see which lamp is supposed to be in it I learned it is an 1157 which is a two filament lamp. Now I’m trying to remember if one filament came on and the second was operated by the flasher and flashed. Or maybe the relay  just turned on both filaments for the extra brightness.

The turn signals themselves are mounted in the fender extension on the front of the fender. They work fine! It’s the cornering lights that are non-functional.

A couple of questions I have is that, when the engine was overhauled, the previous owner must have painted the inside of the engine bay. I’m having some trouble learning if the relay isn’t working or if the new paint is causing a lack of ground….somewhere.

I have also sluethed out another very similar looking relay that has a C4**** part number but is shown as a relay for horns. I’m pretty tempted to get one just to see if the horn was an alternate use of the same part. And if I could eliminate the grounding issue I probably would.

Right now it’s been pretty hot in Kansas and my garage isn’t air conditioned so I haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to get back on the project.

But, thanks again. If you have other inspiration please let me know.