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If you want to participate in the Woodward Dream Cruise acitivites on Friday/Saturday in Dearborn/Detroit while at the IMOA show you can have a place to park along Woodward (usually in a businesses parking lot, not on the street) for $35. If you have not been to this event before I can tell you that it is pretty much a “zoo” and a place to park and watch all the cars can be desirable. You do not need to pay to park anywhere as you can park along a side street (if you can find a decent place) and watch the cruisers on Woodward. The city even sets up bleachers so you can sit and watch. You can also just cruise Woodward Ave at no cost to you. Woodward is open to regular traffic during the cruise and there are some very interesting cars cruising. I have been once as a spectator and guest of the Detroit Convention Bureau and frankly swore I would never go back. However, if you have not been you might find this a very interesting experience. IMOA is just making this parking area available to our members through a third party. Hope this helps.