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A leak down test will tell you if you are losing compression through the valve train or past the compression rings. You have plenty of compression but it won’t hurt anything to do a leak down. Using 1.5 quarts of oil per 100 miles is extrememly excessive even for an engine with, oh say, 200,000 miles on it. The oil is getting past the oil rings somehow. It could be from internal engine pressure caused by no venting of the crank case (a plugged PCV valve if so equipped) or a restriction to atmosphere in the down draft tube. The other thing that could be causing this much oil use is improper oil rings or improperly installed oil rings. I think it is time to have a discussion with the “guy who did your motor.” One other thing that could cause oil in the cylinders at this rate is a bad fuel pump if you have a dual action fuel pump. If the vacuum side of the pump is bad it will suck oil out of the crankcase at a prodigous pace.