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Both my ’53 and ’55 are stored in an insulated but unheated garage here in southern Nebraska.  Right now it is 15 degrees outside and the garage is probably right around 32.  To store these beasts for the winter I only change the oil and filter after a very good warmup sometime in October and then change it again in April.  The cars are always run after the oil change for a few miles (around 20) just to give the fresh oil a chance to circulate.  I don’t touch the other fluids but do change the coolant about every three years.  I do fill the tank and add “Stabil” to the gas before I put them away.  Both are also attached to Battery tenders.  The eight volt battery in the ’55 is at least 6 years old and still working great.  I attribute that to the the battery tender. I do use an 8 volt battery tender (yes, they do make them but you have to ask).