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Jerry Robbin

<div> One of our members Grumpy told me to respons with the following:</div>

<div>i have seen this on big cubic inch displacement Pontiac motor of

the mid to late ’60 and on Ford Y-blocks, also. It has to be caused, as

they are stating correctly, by the exhaust feed through the head to the

middle runners of both sides of the intake manifold to act as a heater

for the carburetor on cold mornings to prevent carburetor bore icing

up. These 2 ports could be total blocked, if someone wants to stop the

discoloration of those 2 runners of the intake manifold to keep it

looking “pretty” after a restoration, just by putting some small thin

(.020″) stainless steel plated at the area of the head to intake

manifold sealing surfaces and then put the new intake manifold gaskets

on top of them to keep them in place. OK, but keep in mind that on an

early Spring morning the carb. bore could ice up and not fuel or gas

would flow into the intake because there was no heat there anymore to

prevent that from happening and the engine could keep dying out

after initial start up plus I believe the choke tube is into one of

those two intake runners so if no heat is there, the choke would never

heat up and the result would be the choke staying on forever causing

all kinds of drive-ability complaints and high fuel consumption. </div>

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<div>Just send this to them or do a cut and paste of info….Understand?</div>

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