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Jerry Robbin

Bill  Klopfenstein not a IMOA member responded

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<div>Thought I’d provide an answer to a question on the IMOA forums if you could pass the info on since I am not a member.</div>

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<div>Virgil & Sue Klein asked if front floor pans are the same as 1955 Ford.</div>

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<div>Here’s my answer:</div>

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<div>Ford and Mercury floor pans for 1955 and 1956 are common up to the

weld seam where they join to the firewall, but Mercury extends the floor

before sloping up at the toe section where the Ford slopes up


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<div>If you need to replace this entire section, which is typical, you

will find that nobody is reproducing Mercury floor pans, so you most

likely will either need to find used or improvise using the Ford panel.

This isn’t too difficult, you just need to add a strip of flat sheet

metal in. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this so I can’t

remember exactly how much width there is, I think it’s 2-3 inches.</div>