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Just pick a red that you think looks good, and make anyone challenging you about it either prove you wrong, or SHUT THE     H_ _L UP.  I consider this the correct response to anyone who’s uninvited criticism about the corrrectness of your car is presented.  These are art objects, produced by successful artists, over a relatively long period of time, in several different locations, with many different suppliers, and there were running changes by the factory through the production cycle. There is no 1 “correct” for the whole production run.  Most of the parts did run through the whole production run, but there were changes made periodically, some of which actually were announced to the dealers, but many just magically appeared.  Then there were the first few thousand and the last few thousand cars of a model run, especially where the changes were not shocking, like 48-49, 51-52, and 56-57, that were combinations of the current year, and the coming year.