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Paul & Xenia Ferris

Fred & Nna, That’s an interesting story on your car. I am wondering why my Cyclone has the ‘Cobra Jet’ emblems on the hood scoop. I have seen a few others with it and magazine articles showing them, but its not listed in the Mercury parts book and it’s not appearing in the sales brochure. Still I know them to have been on the car since new. The main reason for my post tough is that I recently had to replace a wiper motor too and if by some coincidence you are still struggling, the part number for the motor is C6OZ-17508-D. They were used in the Comet/Montego line from 66 though 72. Mercury’s get no respect in the aftermarket parts books but in this case it turns out that Ford used them in 67 and 68 Mustangs and Cougars as well and then in 79 and beyond Mustangs later on. So if you go to your favorite parts store and tell them you have a 67 Mustang, you can get a rebuilt replacement fairly quickly. That is what I did. Hopefully after all this time you are not still hunting for a solution but just in case, here is something you can try.