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    It looks to me like the people who post here have serious questions, and do not post simply to fill space.  I think that is good, as opposeed to some of the personal insults I see posted elsewhere.  Let’s keep up the high level of discourse on this site.



    AGREED! But what happened?? Seems like MONTHS go by before anyone responds to posts??? I see only a handful of us on here now it seems — MAYBE an article/editorial REMINDER in ‘QUICKSILVER’ to “re-introduce” Members to this new Forum and format???….



    Wow, as I “feared” NO responses to any of my posts from the past 24 hours…and it looks like NO activity at all either.  If this doesn’t improve I’m afraid this new “Forum” will just atrophy and die… (Why did we really have to “lose” the “Old/Original Forum” anyway again??) Again, thanks for “listening!” Have a good Veteran’s Day Weekend everyone.


    John H. “JUST 1BULLITT” (From the Old Forum)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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