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    During removal of the bucket seats from my Cyclone, a couple of the long studs that go through the floor have broken.  The bolts seem to have a square head and are somehow crimped onto the seat track.  Has anyone ever come across a replacement solution for these?


    I can think of a couple of solutions that may work.  Depending on how much of the stud is left you could use a threaded coupler and thread it onto the stud (you may have to clean up some thread to get it started) and then use some threaded stock of the proper size and thread it into the coupler, run it through the floor board, and tighten the nut.  If there is not enough stud left (a common problem for us old guys) I am guessing you will have to drill out the stud and then simply use a bolt and nut of the proper length, diameter, and hardness.



    Thanks for the reply!  I hadn’t thought about a coupling. As I recall there might be enough threat left for one.   I have been a bit worried about the hardness issue with treaded stock.  I wonder what hardness type those bolts are?  Most threaded rod I have worked with has been pretty soft.  Is a hardened bold required for the attachment of a seat to the floorpan?  Thanks again for your thoughts!


    I’m not sure about the hardness factor on seat attachment bolts.  I certainly would not use the softest metal as there can be a lot of stress on those bolts and the last thing you want coming loose in an accident would be the seat.  I don’t think I would use anything less than a grade 5.  I would guess you can by threaded stock by hardness at a decent auto parts store or hardware store.  I also like to use “a big ol’ honkin’ washer” (that would be a technical term) under the floor board to spread the forces out a little.



    I see you share my fear of soft bolts holding my seats down.  I too, was thinking grade 5 or maybe 7.  Since I’m tearing that much into it and I need to redo the seats anyway,  maybe I can see if there are other optiions such as an electric track from a later model.  Thanks for the update!



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