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    I need to put new “FORD” decals on the door sills on my 66 Cyclone GT.  The aftermarket offers blue or black, any idea which would be correct?


    When I check my Master Parts Catalog  for the sill plate (13208) Ford splits between the 66-67 and the 68-69.  Nothing about color stated in the text description.  However, when I check my AutoKrafters catalog,  they sell the same plate for 66-69 and sell the stickers separately (or you get them free with the plate)  They show black stickers  for 66-67 and blue for 68-69   I have a 69 and I’m pretty sure mine is blue.  If the plates are physically interchangable from 66 through 69, my guess is that the only difference in the Ford part numbers is the sticker, and from what I can see, black would be the correct sticker for you.

    I hope this helps



    Actually now that I revisit the AutoKrafters Catalog they have 3 choices:

    1 62-66 Black oval with “Product of and “Motor Company” text

    2 67-71 Farilane/Torino. Blue Oval with “Product of” text

    3 72-79 Torino   (just the blue oval)


    What’s odd is that I looked at my 69 and I just have the blue oval with no “Product of”   I think I replaced the whole units but now I realize that I probably have the wrong sticker.


    I looked again and the plates I have seem to be original.  From what I can see, the stickers are correct, maybe the option 2 above was a Fairlaine/Torino thing because I can’t find a reference for them in reproduction parts for Mustangs, Cougars, Broncos, and Full-sized Fords in my searches today.  In all cases the black logo with “Product of” and “Motor Company” were correct for 1966 so that is what I’d get if it were mine.




    Paul, all the above! I curently haved #2 on my replacements, will order #1 and be done with it.  Thanks for the response by the way!



    I’m glad you were able to make sense of the rambling.  When I looked at what I had as OEM on mine, it wasn’t meshing with what I had discovered so I started to doubt.  Good Luck!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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