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    I recently had my 49 Mercury flathead engine rebuilt.  The rebuilder said it was actually a truck/car engine.  He said Mercury built two engines for the 49.  One was car only, the other car/truck.  I’m having trouble with the water pump brackets fitting to the motor mount.  Can anyone give me some info and or advice?  The engine has been rebuilt but won’t fit because of the water pumps.



    I went to the website for C&G Early Ford parts to look at part numbers and see what is different.  It appears the ’49s have a different motor mount and water pump than the other years.  Did you change water pumps at the time of the overhaul?  If you used a later model water pump it has a different mounting system that will bolt right up to your flathead block but will have the wrong mounting brackets.  Their parts catalog has pictures that might help you as well.  I would suggest giving C&G a call to see what is going on in your situation. 



    Thanks!  It is the original engine.  The rebuilder just didnt look close enough at the old water pumps.  He installed rebuilt ones that came off a 52 ford pickup.  I was able to locate the proper ones and am waiting on them to arrive. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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