“Ode” To Mercury (RIP 1939-2011)

“Ode” To Mercury (RIP 1939-2011)

By  Jerry Robbin

What say you Ford Motor on the demise of the Mercury Brand?

Will this act make you (Ford Motor) stronger and able to exist in these times of peril?

Will the heritage of this exhilarating brand finally be understood by your legions?

Oh Mercury, for 72 years you have been a “Grand Marquis” with an “Identity Crisis” and you have been a mere shadow of your siblings! Sometimes you have shined like a bright star and other times you have hardly been distinguished from your siblings. Yes, you have been a mere shadow during some years, but other years you have been unique and unusual.

We shall carry your message with us through the future! For all of us have a passion and a special place in our hearts for “Mercury”.

We do not have a final farewell, but we have a vision to keep you alive and well for decades to come.

May Ford Motor gain strength through your demise and be the “ Ultimate Ruler” of the Automotive World”

Mercury, your were the winged messenger and we shall deliver your message!